What is it?

booost is 99.5% pure oxygen with a natural peppermint flavour - A sports supplement. It comes in two sizes, a performance super tank with 100 shots, and a travel tank with 20 shots. Read more.

Who is it for?

It’s aimed mainly at serious sports people – oxygen is essential fuel for the muscles, and it has been shown to increase performance when taken before, during and after exercise.

booost helps serious sports people "get through their wall" every day.

See some examples of people who use booost here: Team booost

What does it do?

It floods your system with oxygen at a point of massive oxygen debt when lactic build-up is at it's worst.  The more physically exhausted you are the better booost will work for you. You just have to train hard enough.

What can I use it for?

Before, during and after any sports events and heavy training sessions.  For Gym goers you will use 3-5 shots of booost on your big muscle days, for most people that's legs and back, between their penultimate and final sets.  Whether it's cycling, swimming, running or a combination of the 3 if cardio is your game you'll use booost either after your workout to combat lactic build-up particularly in your legs, or when you've hit the wall, and if you're serious about cardio you'll know exactly what that feels like.

How much does it cost?

The super tank is £10 and the travel tank comes in a 3 pack at £13.50. We deliver free in the UK and you can save money by buying larger packs.

Where can I buy it?

Right here, just click order above or here. But you can also buy booost through Amazon, Ebay and Bodykind and several other retailers.

I've just bought booost for the first time, how do I get the most of out booost?

We've got just the place for all you booost virgins

Where can I find out more?

By reading our blog: The booost Blog

On our Facebook page

On our Twitter page

On our Youtube channel

What Research do you have?

You can see it here: Oxygen research

How do I use it?

Find out all about using booost here: How to use booost.

How can I keep in touch with booost?

Join our newsletter here and we'll keep you up to date booost newsletter

How do I know when the tank is empty?

Our tanks do not have a gauge because adding a gauge would have increased the retail price too much. You can either count the shots, e.g. Use 7 shots per workout knowing this will last one month (Super tank holds 100 shots; 4 workouts per week at 7 shots = 28 x 4 =c100) or you'll notice that the pressure decreases and this indicates that the tank is getting low.

Why does booost not have a mask?

We do not have masks on our product for three reasons; 1. We wanted to keep the retail price low, 2. A mask looks very conspicuous, and 3. If you create a good seal with your mouth on the piston you'll achieve exactly the same result as a mask.

What do I do if I am sceptical about buying booost?

Here is some reading for you: Why use booost?

Make up your own mind about using booost oxygen

Can booost be sent internationally?

Yes, only by land, which can takes up to 8 weeks. This is because shipping by air is extremely costly because of the airlines very stringent hazardous goods policy. Typically the cost to Europe by air is £100. Therefore we do not ship internationally and will refer you to our international partners.

Is it natural?

Yes, booost contains 99.5% pure oxygen and 0.5% natural peppermint flavouring, and unlike energy drinks, has no calories or sugar.

Why is the tank so light?

This is because oxygen is very light and almost the same weight as air; Oxygen is 1.429g/L and air is 1.225g/L.

How much oxygen is there in the air?

About 20%. booost contains almost 5x this amount.

How many shots should I use?

How do I use booost?

What should I do if I have a lung condition?

Do not use booost until you have consulted your doctor.

What is your return policy?

If you have a defective tank please email us or post your tank back to booost oxygen, PO Box 145, Thame, Oxon, OX9 3WX, with your name, address and stating the problem, and we'll send you a replacement tank.

How do I ask you questions?

booost oxygen, 5 Cheshire Road, Thame, Oxon, OX9 3WX.

Tel 0870 4424 504 or email helpme@booostoxygen.com




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