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Top athletes from all sports use booost as part of their specific sports training. Anybody will tell you that for any sport or gym work it is essential to strengthen your core.

booost is perfect for gym work of all types, from weights, to cardio equipment, cross training and spinning. booost should be a part of your gym kit, along with your bottle of water/juice.

Here's how to use booost in the gym:

  • Take five shots before any particularly tough session
  • Take five shots before your final set of reps to help you nail them
  • Take five shots as your routine reaches it's peak intensity
And see the benefits!
Then don't forget to take five shots after your cool down - oxygen helps clear lactic acid from your muscles.

Don't take our word for it! Here are some testimonials from gym and workout specialists:
  • Tarek Shuhaibar from the Phsique Elite team said: "booost really helped me get a little extra out when I felt my energy was sapping!" Read more 
  • Michael Taylor from Freefall Fitness said: "With the increased O2 levels with the blood and muscle, which booost oxygen gives you, those last 2 reps that matter, now have become 4 reps." Read more
  • Adam Bates, who is a personal trainer said: "I am now using this on all my back and leg workouts," Read more

If you work out regularly in the gym, then you should be using booost. Just click the button below to order some - there's no risk, we have a full money back guarantee.

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