How do I use booost oxygen?

It's a pretty common question, as canned oxygen is a fairly new product to the market.

Here's the answer:

  1. Take your super tank or travel tank and remove the lid.
  2. Place it very close to your mouth with a finger on the piston.
  3. Press and inhale deeply for 2 seconds - That's what we call a 'shot'.
  4. Repeat - Between 3 and 5 shots works best to get oxygen into your bloodstream.
  5. Use booost before a session, during one, if you feel you're about to hit the wall, and afterwards for recovery.

Would you prefer to see people using booost?

Here is the UK's Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, using it:

And here's Elite professional triathlete, Mark Buckingham, talking about how he uses booost:

Finally, here's pro Rugby player, Larne Patrick of the Huddersfield Giants, showing us how he uses booost:

Remember, we have a full money back guarantee with booost. If it doesn't help you 'get through your wall', we'll give you a refund.

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