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We'll add to these as more come in - it's a series of links to independent reviews where you can read about booost canned oxygen from all around the web:

Oxford Fitness

"I used 4 sprays of booost after between sets 8 and 9, and, although still finding the final two sets particularly tough, I certainly noticed a reduction in recovery time and shortness of breath"

British Cycle Sport

".....The upshot of all this is that we believe you can get a training benefit and if you use the turbo trainer regularly, like we do, then it may be well worth investing in a can of booost ."

The Fit Writer

"....this stuff is nature’s finest. 99.5% pure oxygen and something minty which gives it a mild peppermint “taste” (does one “taste” oxygen?)"

Joe Johnson Fitness

"If you have the money to spent on workout supplements, ditch the flourescent green, sugar and chemical-ladden pre-workout concoction  (if you need mental stimulation before your workout you need more sleep) and invest in some Booost; use it as an intra-workout supplement and slash your rest time (and your time in the gym, if you so wish)."

Goals and Gear

"Overall I’d say booost is a really great product to help you recover from extreme exercise periods"

Health fad / Health flop

"For the elite athlete this is an ideal product, I can see it becoming a must have product for those who do intense exercise regularly"


"When I checked my Garmin, I’d just done 10 miles at 20 mph.  And that was after a steep mountain and a big plate of pancakes.  Could it be the booost?"


"We think every diver should have a can in his or her kit bag"

Geek Speak

"Surprisingly, after a few breaths spraying oxygen into my mouth, I did feel more alert and less tired"


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