Martial Arts and booost oxygen

Martial arts sports are known for tough training sessions and moments of explosive power in competition -

in short, exactly what booost is designed to help with!

The Bruce

We work with many serious sports people in the field, including:

World Champion Muay Thai fighter Iman "Pretty Killer" Barlow

Champion MMA fighter Ben Callum

Muay Thai boxing brothers Stephen and Michael Wakeling

And booost is used by amateur marital artists throughout Europe.


"At the end of the round, I had my hands on my knees, I was knackered. Then I had 3 or 4 shots of booost....I had a minute to recover and then round six I was much better, felt much stronger", Iman Barlow.

"I used booost during my pad work session. At the end of rounds I used 4 shots and found this gave me an extra lift for the beginning of the round which carried me through the rest of the round. In Thai boxing, which is such a physically demanding sport, I will definitely be using booost during my workouts again", Rory Crawford.

"Do you push yourself to the point where you need to use this product? It's not a product for the average gym user, it's a product for a serious athlete. If you are a serious athlete, I suggest you use this product, because you'll see gains", Ben Callum.

You can read all the testimonials from people from many sports here.

In this video, Iman Barlow explains what booost is:

And here's Ben Callum training with booost

If you're a martial artist, then you should be using booost as part of your training and in competition. Order some today and try it for yourself. There's no risk as we offer a full money back guarantee.

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