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booost oxygen is an exception when it comes to sports nutrition supplements - ours is the only one you don't have to ingest - you simply breathe it in! And it couldn't be easier to use booost. Simply inhale around 5 shots at the point you are about to 'Hit your wall' and that's it? Instant energy, no side effects, and you're ready to do more, faster. We also recommend booost as a recovery supplement - oxygen helps to quickly clear lactic acid from your muscles, talking the pain away, and allowing your body to start it's repair process after a heavy session.

Eddie Hall

And that has a load of benefits, because unlike almost every other supplement, booost is a 100% natural bodybuilding supplement so there are no downsides:

  • No calories to make you fat
  • No caffeine to make your heart race
  • No sugar to rot your teeth
  • No post caffeine 'low'
  • No side effects whatsoever
Oxygen is a totally natural fuel for the body and muscles, and is simply used as fuel. It's the perfect supplement to help you get through the wall or to help you with post workout recovery.
Athletes in many sports, including bodybuilding, squash, triathlon, rugby and martial arts are using booost canned oxygen every day. They use it:

1/ At the point they are about to "Hit the wall," for example when doing a really tough exercise set, or a hill sprint.
2/ As an aid to recovery - booost helps clear the lactic acid from the muscles after extreme exertion.

Rene Campbell

Here's Rene Campbell, who is an IFBB professional body builder, talking about how she uses booost cannned oxygen as a sports nutirition supplement:

booost isn't a replacement for any of the sports supplements you currently take, but it's additional and designed specifically to help you when it's most needed.

booost oxygen has become the number 1 oxygen supplement product in Europe - our oxygen is 99.5% pure oxygen, with a natural peppermint flavour. booost is available in two sizes, the 100 "shot" super tank, and the 25 "shot" travel tank. 

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