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Most people think using oxygen in sports is something completely new. But it isn't! In fact, the first recorded case of using oxygen to enhance sports performance dates back to 1908 when two Cambridge Unviersity science students tested themselves on a running track before and after inhaling 100% oxygen. Over 880 yards, they improved their own times by three seconds! They also recorded  "an absence of distressful dyspnoea (the sensation of distressing and uncomfortable breathlessness) and of ‘grogginess’ of the legs and stiffness of the muscles, after this great effort’".

More recently, in 1954, the famous 4 minute miler, Sir Roger Bannister ran similar tests using both 66% and 100% oxygen and he also found the effects startling. He "found breathing effortless and the exercise incomparably effortless".

The problem, until recently, has been the high cost and total lack of portability of medical oxygen. A full cylinder can cost as much as £200 and is heavy and awkward to carry. It wasn't until a few years ago that a technique was developed to put oxygen into handy tanks that could be carried easily to and from events and training sessions.

At which point WADA banned the use of supplemental oxygen as performance enhancing!

Fortunately, they came to their senses, realising that oxygen is a totally natural substance and the ban was subsequently lifted.

Now serious sports people all over the world are enjoying the benefits of breathing oxygen every day.

Ideal for Sports Professionals

booost comes in two handy sizes - a super tank with around 100 shots, and a travel tank with about 20. The former is perfect for training and the gym, the latter for events and especially for cyclists, who can carry the tank in their back pockets. Both contain 99.5% pure oxygen (the highest concentration of any similar product) with 0.5% natural peppermint flavouring.

We have pages of testimonials from athletes from many sports - you can read them here. But here are a few to read now:

Using oxygen helps athletes to push through their "wall" and do more at higher effort, more intensity and for longer, and it also helps ensure a speedier and less painful recovery.

Unlike many supplements and "energy" products, there are no side effects, no calories, no caffeine and none of the post dose energy "low" often associated with caffeine based products.

In short, it may be the perfect supplement!

Here's what the athletes say about booost oxygen

We have pages of testimonials from athletes from many sports - you can read them by clicking the relevant tab above. But here are a few to read now:

Daryl Selby (World Number 11 squash player)

Squash is one of the most physically demanding sports on the planet, and every extra per cent of increased performance that I can get can mean the difference between winning and losing. I get those extra few per cent from booost.

Carl Hall, CEO at Doncaster Rugby League Club

In 2012, The Dons had their most successful season in its 61 year history and I believe that booost oxygen significantly helped us achieve the double. I cannot praise booost enough and would highly recommend their portable oxygen in a tank to any professional team or athlete.

Natalie Barnard (Elite Pro triathlete)

Only being with the Booost team for a couple of months, i have already felt a real difference in my overall training and racing performances by their oxygen canisters! The 99% oxygen within each can, taken pre and post training/racing, means that I get an additional lift to push through the pain barrier of lactic acid accumulation (requiring no oxygen) to replenish the fatiguing muscles faster to push the gears, push the pavement and the arms through the three disciplines of triathlon.

Lenny Bishop (Martial Arts Expert)

I used booost to re-oxygenate myself between fights during martial arts, I found that it got rid of my breathlessness instantly and allowed me to carry on training for longer.

Henry Amps (Bodybuilder)

Forget expensive supplement drinks! All you need is booost in your workout! A must in my routine to get me through my workouts! Won't train without it any more!

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