Strongman and booost oxygen

If there's one sport that booost has really taken of with, it's Strongman. Strongman athletes have quickly discovered how booost helps them train harder and for longer and how it allows them to get through their wall in competition.

Strongman tank

Eddie Hall

We work with some of the top strongmen in Europe, including:

Eddie Hall - the UK's Strongest Man

Sean Kennedy - the UK's Strongest Man under 105kg

Graham Hicks - WSM Competitor

Rob Frampton - WSM Competitor

Lloyd Renals - WSM Competitor

And booost is also used by hundreds of amateur athletes in the sport. 

Here's what some of them say about booost sports oxygen:

Eddie Hall

"I believe oxygen plays a massive part in traning, recovery and competition' i use oxygen during most training sessions and find it most helps on the big excercises extensively,  such as squatting, benching, pressing, and deadlifting! You build up such high levels of carbon dioxide and lactic acid and the best way to shift these toxins are to breathe...... so to breathing a high percentage of oxygen will obviously help to shift these and therefore improve training intensity and endurance.

To prove my training works' I've set a world record in the squat event at the world's strongest man level and I won the viking press with such ease!".

Graham Hicks

"I heard about this product, never really understood how or why it would work or benefit me with my training so was very skeptical about it. After a heavy rep set or training a really hard medley where I struggle to catch my breath and feel like my training session is over, I tried this product. I was amazed by how quick my recovery was and how quick my energy levels sparked back to normal.

I think that this is a very handy thing to have in your gym bag during gym sessions. Quite often I will do an exercise where I feel I put that much in I might have to call it an early day, but not when I had this at my disposal.

I would recommend this to all kinds of athletes, especially those wanting a quick recovery between workout sets or during intense training activities. It’s not all that expensive and lasts a long time."

Hywel Adams

"I came across booost after seeing some people using it in a compeition, and decided to give it a try. For the price of a can, there was nothing lost - even if it did nothing. At first I was sceptical about it, but after trying it out during a long events training session, I was quite surprised. A few shots of it really help with recovery.I use booost in training in-between sets when I’m squatting or deadlifting, or doing an events session. I find it really helps get you ready for the next set, especially when I get towards my top working weights.I compete at strongman and powerlifting (BDFPA) and also find booost helps massively after events and in-between lifts. I definitely notice the difference on a long day of competing, and wouldn’t turn up now without a can of booost in my bag.

An essential supplement."

Here's a collection of one line testimonials about booost from all sports


In this one, Eddie Hall explains how to use booost:

And here, he talks to those he think breathing oxygen is the same as breathing air:

This link will take you to a Playlist of Rob Frampton's Top Ten Tips for strongmen: You Tube Video Playlist

Are you a strongman? You should be using booost as part of your training and in competition. Order some today and try it - there's no risk as we have a full money back guarantee.

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