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Rene Campbell

Rene Campbell became an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder in 2012 following on from her victory in the 2012 Women's World Amateur Championships.  Rene's is currently the heaviest female bodybuilder in the UK and her plan is to get even bigger.

Read more about Rene Campbell and her top ten tips for getting shredded abs.

Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall is the UK's Strongest Man for 2011, 2012 and recently for 2013 he retained his title.

We caught-up with Eddie at his gym, video'd his amazing workouts and interviewed him about his ambitions to be the World's Strongest Man and his family life.

Learn more about the secrets of Eddie's workouts, diet and mindset in our excluisve interview.

 Amr Shabana

Egyptian born Amr Shabana has been on the PSA World Squash tour for 20 years and has cemented his iconic status in the game.  Amr holds 31 PSA World Tour titles including 4 World Open Championships and an astonishing 33 month stint as the number 1 ranked player in the world from 2006 - 2008

Learn from Amr exactly what it takes to compete in the highest echelons of your sport for so long.



You may not know the name but William Sichel is one of Britain's greatest ever sportsmen.  William is a multiple World Record holder for Ultra Distance Running  boasting an incredible 60 world records the most impressive of which is the Athens 1,000 mile World Cup ran in 13 days 20 hours and 8 minutes.This is William’s proudest record because he beat the existing time held by many hours.

William is targeting a further 90 new records in the next 5 years, here's how he plans to do it.

 Daz Ball

Daz Ball is a bodybuilding legend who came back from serious injury to regain his UKBBF Super heavyweight title in 2012.

Daz earned his Pro-license in 2013 at the iconic Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition in Columbus, Ohio in front of nearly 100,000 people.

Daz is the former Flex Magazine bodybuilder of the year.

Learn more about Daz and find out how you train to be a bodybuilder.

Daryl Selby

Dayrl Selby is the world number 11 squash player. He has won 10 PSA titles and has represented England 46 times.

Read more about Daryl Selby

Mark Buckingham

Mark is an elite professional triathlete, a duathlon champion, and a member the British Triathlon Team and TriGold squad.

Read more about Mark Buckingham

Brendan Fairclough

Brendan Fairclough is an elite professional downhill mountain biker.

Read more about Brendan Fairclough

Neale Cranwell

Neale Cranwell is the owner of Krunch Gym in Waltham Abbey, Essex and winner of WPF Mr Universe.

He talks about his paralysing motorbike accident, wanting to add to his already impressive trophy collection and using booost during competitions.

Along with his partner, Georgia Simmons, they share an exclusive interview.

 Charlie Boy Peters

Charlie Boy Peters is a world champion Muay Thai boxer.

Michael Wakeling

Michael Wakeling is a Muay Thai kickboxer based out of his father's gym in Beckenham.

Natalie Barnard

Natalie Barnard is an elite professional triathlete, with an Ironman podium finish to her credit.

Read more about Natalie Barnard

 Iman Barlow

Iman Barlow is a professional Muay Thai fighter.

 Tom Stead

Tom Stead is a triathlete who represent Great Britain and an accomplished all round sports person,  competing in quadrathlon, kayaking and flow boarding.

Read more about Tom Stead

 Ben Callery

Ben Callery is a body builder who won the first timer's class at the prestigious Mr Wigan physique show.

Read more about Ben Callery

 Mick Miller

Mick Miller is a body builder who is going to be a legend!

Read more about Mick Miller

Gary Macdonald

Gary Macdonald is a trials rider, mountain biker and a runner, who is the 2010 British champion trials rider

Read more about Gary Macdonald

 Ben Callum

Ben Callum is a professional UK Middleweight MMA Fighter and current UCMMA middle weight champion.

Ben Miller

Ben Miller is a cross country bike racer who rides for Scotland and Great Britain.

Read more about Ben Miller

Lynsey Beattie

Lynsey Beattie is an IFBB Pro figure athlete and a fitness model.

Read more about Lynsey Beattie

 Steve Aimable

Steve Aimable is a PRO featherweight MMA fighter.

Read more about Steve Aimable

Josh Young

Josh Young is a quadrathlete who hopes to represent Great Britain at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Read more about Josh Young

Dan Howarth

Dan Howarth is a triathlete who represents Team GB.

Read more about Dan Howarth

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