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Eddie Hall, Strong Man

I believe oxygen plays a massive part in traning, recovery and competition. I use oxygen during most training sessions and find it most helps on the big excercises extensively,  such as squatting, benching, pressing, and deadlifting! You build up such high levels of carbon dioxide and lactic acid and the best way to shift these toxins are to breathe...... so to breathing a high percentage of oxygen will obviously help to shift these and therefore improve training intensity and endurance.

Daz Ball, Bodybuilder

I used oxygen as part of my preparation to win back my title, and I use it every day in the gym - the oxygen makes me work so much harder!

Renee Campbell, Bodybuilder

I was originally sceptical about booost because it’s not a product you hear about every day. But I’m the sort of person who wants to learn and find out new things, so I tried it!

I found that booost helped me push myself a little bit further in workouts, especially when I do my brutal legs sessions!

When you want that little bit of extra push and on intense workouts, I’d recommend it.

Mark Buckingham, Triathlete

I've started using booost to help combat the feeling of light headedness as I come out of the water between hard 100 sets.

Daryl Selby, Squash player

Squash is one of the most physically demanding sports on the planet, and every extra per cent of increased performance that I can get can mean the difference between winning and losing. I get those extra few per cent from booost.

Amr Shabana, Squash player

I first encountered supplemental oxygen about 10 years ago in Germany – you walked into a room which was filled with high purity oxygen as a way of helping performance and improving recovery. booost Oxygen now provides me with a much more portable and convenient source of 99.5% oxygen that supports me in my training and competition.

Neale Cranwell, Bodybuilder

I have found booost to be a surprise supplement for bodybuilding because I was sceptical about using booost at first. During a workout session with Nathan Harman, where he pushed Georgia and I to our limits, I used booost and found that it helped me recover more quickly between exercises and enable to go into the next exercise with more energy. Where I found booost exceptionally useful was in competitions. As I am about to go on stage to pose canned oxygen help me have the energy to pose longer and better. And when I came off stage too, my recovery was halved.

Iman Barlow, MMA Fighter

At the end of the round I was knackered, and then I had around 3 or 4 shots of booost. I had a minute to recover, and then in round 6 I was much better.

Graham Hicks, Strong Man

I heard about this product, never really understood how or why it would work or benefit me with my training so was very skeptical about it. After a heavy rep set or training a really hard medley where I struggle to catch my breath and feel like my training session is over, I tried this product. I was amazed by how quick my recovery was and how quick my energy levels sparked back to normal.

I think that this is a very handy thing to have in your gym bag during gym sessions. Quite often I will do an exercise where I feel I put that much in I might have to call it an early day, but not when I had this at my disposal.

I would recommend this to all kinds of athletes, especially those wanting a quick recovery between workout sets or during intense training activities. It’s not all that expensive and lasts a long time.

Darren “Big Bad Dal” Thompson, Boxer

My recovery improved from 50 seconds to 10 seconds after a hard session and using booost.

Michael Taylor, Personal Trainer

In the gym I use booost on big compound lifts, along with high intensity workouts where recovery is key. The first time I took booost I smashed my PB on the squat rack, going from 150kg of 10reps to an impressive 180kg of 12reps. It’s been more than 10 months where I have struggled to walk down a set of stairs at the gym. All I can say is that day I looked like John Wayne with an empty OXYGEN CAN.

The conclusion with booost oxygen is…

Everybody knows that the last 2 reps in any exercise are where we reach overload and is where the magic is to get the body to change and adapt. With the increased O2 levels with the blood and muscle, which booost oxygen gives you, those last 2 reps that matter, now have become 4 reps.

What could you achieve with an extra 18.7% performance?

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