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Triathlon is considered by many to be the ultimate endurance sport – particularly long course events like Ironman and Enduroman.

Mark Buckingham

For that reason, we work closely with triathletes to help us understand the best way to use booost for their demanding sport. It was specifically at the request of triathletes that we developed the smaller travel tank, so that they could carry it in the back pockets of their triathlon suits.

Natalie Barnard

We have several triathletes who are members of Team booost:

Elite Pro Triathletes

Mark Buckingham

Natalie Barnard

Team GB Triathletes

Tom Stead

Dan Howarth

And booost is used by many age grouper triathletes, including our very own Mike booost!


Here’s what some triathletes have said about booost:

I have already felt a real difference in my overall training and racing performances by their oxygen canisters! The 99% oxygen within each can, taken pre and post training/racing, means that I get an additional lift to push through the pain barrier of lactic acid accumulation (requiring no oxygen) to replenish the fatiguing muscles faster to push the gears, push the pavement and the arms through the three disciplines of triathlon. Natalie Barnard

After a poor start to my season a lifeline came along in the form of Booost, since starting to use it my season has become closer to what I was expecting and I firmly believe I have booost as a major part to thank for that. Now my season is over I can use booost to really keep me going over the winter and give next season a real push in the right direction. Josh Young

In my sport every second counts, I know this because I missed out on a podium spot after racing for 2 hours 50 minutes by 1 second! So I have chosen to use booost when I think it will be the most effective for me – in training. I find I am able to train harder, for longer and faster and recover quicker. Tom Stead

Here's some video of Mark Buckingham using booost:

And this is Dan Howarth talking about how he uses booost in his training:

Are you a triathlete?

You should be using booost as part of your training and in competition. There's no risk to trying booost canned oxygen - we offer a full money back guarantee.

What could you achieve with an extra 18.7% performance?

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