Are you a booost Virgin? You've just received your first can of booost – What now? Read this first...

Thank you for buying booost and congratulations on being one of only 2.7% of the population that train hard enough to need booost – Just in case you want to check again we have a page for you here.

Feels light, doesn’t it? Not sure if you received a full one? Don’t worry, everyone thinks that. You do have a full can. It’s just that air and oxygen weigh a pretty similar amount.

It might not weigh a lot, but don’t underestimate its heavyweight ability!

Just so that we can speak the same language, my name is 'Mike booost’. I am a serious sports person like you, and my job is to help you get the most from booost. We call the large can a “Supertank” and the small can a “Travel tank”, the nozzle is a piston and when you use booost, that’s a 'shot’.

Let me help you get the most from booost…

You’ll get the most from booost when you use it to help you ‘get through your wall’. Maybe a personal best deadlift in the gym, a big hill that gets the better of you when you are cycling, or you just need to keep going when you are circuit training, but want to give up. Whatever it is, it is a personal wall for you and booost will help you get through it.  

If you want to know more about booost we have a ‘What?’ page that can help you know more about what you are holding or you can watch a 2 minute video.

If you want to know more about the research there is a ‘Why?’ page with a summary from two British PhD scientists or you can watch a 2 minute video.

If you want to know more about who uses booost there is a page called ‘Who?’ and what they said, or you can watch one of them using booost here.

Want to know how to use booost, just click 'How?'.

Depending on which sport ‘floats your boat’ we have compiled research from serious sports people like you that are in your sport. Just got to the website, click ‘Who?’ and pick from the drop down menu.

We recommend keeping your tank in your sports bag with your water, towel, gym pass, etc. because then it is always there when you need it most.

Please tell us about the wall you are going to get through on Facebook or Twitter or like other serious sports people that got through their wall, tell us about how you smashed through your wall.

If you have any questions just contact us and ask for Mike.

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