What is booost?


  • booost is 99.5% oxygen and 0.5% natural peppermint flavouring. Oxygen is a colourless gas and has a peppermint aroma.
  • booost is stored under pressure in an aerosol type can.
  • A quirk of booost is that the tanks 'feel' empty because oxygen is only slightly heavier than air (Oxygen is 1.429g/L and air is 1.225g/L).
  • booost comes in two sizes;
    • A 10 litre super tank with 100 shots
    • A 1.5 litre travel tank with 20 shots
  • booost should be used before, during and after sport, particularly during strenuous sessions - here's more: How to use booost
  • booost gets oxygen into your body the fastest way possible, through respiration.
  • booost contains no calories, sugar or caffeine.
  • booost can be ordered directly from us online by clicking 'Order Now' below or through stockists.
  • #gttw is our hashtag ('Get through the wall') so please use it on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Do you train hard enough to need booost? 
Finally here's 'Pretty Killer' Iman Barlow, World Champion Muay Thai Fighter, telling us what booost is:

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