Mike booost had a vision

To enable serious sports people to get through the wall – That is our vision.

booost was created in 2011, some 3 years after its original conception. Having become aware of ‘canned oxygen’ in 2008 Darren and Richard researched the market with a curiosity to bring something new to the market.

Their findings were that there were 16 canned oxygen brands across the world, at that time. Each brand offered the 'elixir of life’; To cure a hangover, think faster, get rid of a headache, run faster, and so on, and so on.

So many promises were made that the customer was confused by what the product could do and did not believe that it was possible.

booost chose to focus on what they had come to understand showcased canned oxygen at its best – Sport.

booost, the brand, was created with sports people in mind. And ‘Mike booost’ was created as a figurehead for booost. A persona that customers could relate to and someone that Darren and Richard could have some fun with too. For example, ‘It has been said that Mike booost was the original Stig and beat the latter version on the Top Gear track by a good 1.8 seconds’.

It was in 2011, after 6 months of trading that the booost team came together and began to realise 3 things:

  • That booost worked particularly well for ‘serious sports people’ and that those serious sports people accounted for 2.7% of the population. So the target audience became even more focussed.
  • A smaller tank was needed for runners and cyclists, so the Traveltank was launched – 1.5 litres, with 20 shots, to complement the Supertank – 10 litres/100 shots.
  • Serious sports people wanted to achieve more, and more, and more. This led to the brand becoming centred around ‘get through the wall’ #gttw because the booost team knew that if they could help serious sports people to achieve more, I.e. Get through the wall, then this would be a partnership of seller and customer, for life.

Company history, milestones and achievements

2008 Darren and Richard became aware of ‘canned oxygen’.

2008 to 2011 Researched the canned oxygen market, competitors and looked for an edge whilst in full-time employment.

2011 The booost brand launched in its original design.

2012 First exhibition – Sportex.

2012 First country distributor partnered – Hungary.

2012 Complete redesign of the brand, inspired by ‘Life marketing’, especially Mike booost, use of the wall, a more dominant logo, and centring on ‘get through the wall’.

2012 Travel tank product added to the range.

2012  Team booost members recruited and helped to ‘spread the word’; Eddie Hall, Daz Ball, Amr Shabana, Iman Barlow, and many other great serious sports people.

2012 booost showcased on BBC Dragons’ Den. No funding gained but Peter Jones said, ‘This might be the one that got away’.

2012 First exhibition at Bodypower.

2013 First booost app launched, ‘Train like a Strongman with Eddie Hall’.

2013  Additional country distributors partnered throughout Europe.

2013 100,000 Youtube views achieved.

2013 'booost ambassador' launched.

2013  Research funded to identify the ‘Why?’ of ‘Why use booost oxygen?’.

2013 ‘Train like a Strongman with Eddie Hall’ app achieved no.35 in the Health & Fitness category of iTunes and 750th in the iTunes catalogue, out of 750,000 apps.

2013  42 enquiries from serious country distributors across Europe.

2014 Second exhibition at Bodypower.

Tell me about the brand

The booost brand has several elements that help communicate what it is about. These are:

  1. The logo is written and uses lower case to differentiate it amongst other brands. Where possible, the logo is used vertically, as shown on the tank to demonstrate upwards lift, like a rocket boost. The middle ‘o’ centres the logo and differentiates it from the normal spelling of the word ‘boost’.

  2. ‘Get through the wall’ is the brand’s strap line because is simply states what booost will help the serious sports person to achieve and is a familiar term to those people.

  3. The wall symbolises the wall that every serious sports person has faced and will continue to face as they wish to achieve more and more. A typical ‘wall’ would be a hill for cyclist, an increased weight in a deadlift for a bodybuilder or strongman, or marathon time for a runner. 

  4. #gttw is the twitter hashtag that has become popular amongst serious sports people and is fast becoming a a sign of 'training hard enough’.

  5. The ‘wordy hole’ is the breakout used in the wall to encourage prospective customers to ‘try me’. Coupled with the money back guarantee logo, this provides the prospective customer with a no risk way to trial booost.

  6. Team booost and booost ambassador logo’s represent high profile serious sports people that ‘spread the word’ complemented by ‘booost ambassadors’ that write engaging posts for the blog.

  7. The tank brings all the elements of the brand together with a vibrant green and silver colour scheme symbolising green for energy and silver for ‘tough and hard’.

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