Who is Mike booost?

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Welcome! If you’ve come from our twitter profile, you might be wondering just who Mike booost is, so here’s his story!

Mike is actually an amalgamation of various people who work at booost – he’s our 'serious sports person' alter ego.

He does pretty much every sport, from triathlon to weight lifting and he’s pretty good at squash, tennis and driving go karts. When he’s not doing sport, he watches it, and he has a fantastic knowledge of all kinds of televised sports from Rugby to Water Polo. Rumour has it that he didn’t move from the couch all through the London Olympics, and stayed fuelled with just water and booost oxygen! And some say that he saw Sir Roger Bannister achieve the 4 minute mile, was in the capsule with Felix before he jumped and showed Usain how to do 'The Bolt'.

Mike’s here to help you. He's straight talking, honest, open and realistic about what booost can and cannot do – He’ll answer your questions, give you tips and advice and will support you in your own sporting endeavours.

Now you’re here on the booost website, have a tour around. Here are some key things to read:

Our Blog is full of interesting sports news and useful articles to help you: The booost blog

Our research section will give you all the facts and lowdown on using canned oxygen: booost research

Here’s how to use booost

Team booost is our group of sponsored sports stars: Team booost

You can give Mike a shout on email, just ping him at helpme@booostoxygen.com

If you're not already connected with him on Twitter, please follow him now: Mike booost on Twitter

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