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booost is an all-natural sports supplement. Our handheld oxygen performance canisters contain 99.5% pure oxygen with 0.5% natural peppermint flavouring.      

O2 IconSerious sports people looking to push through their wall use booost.                       To see your sport just click on 'Who?' above and select from the dropdown.

O2 IconDo you train hard enough to need booost?                                                      Answer 5 simple 'yes/no' questions to know if you need booost.

O2 Icon'Extra oxygen enables you to recover more quickly from exertion' -                        Want to read more research?

O2 IconRead our library of testimonials from serious sports people.                               They all use booost - Europe’s No.1 Sports Oxygen  - Testimonials.

O2 IconJust breathe air? Air contains 21% oxygen and booost contains 99.5% oxygen.       When you gasp for breath choose more oxygen

O2 IconOxygen gives you 90% of your nutritional energy, and food only 10%


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