Darren Smith

Darren Smith is really proud to be  joint owner of booost with Richard Booth. Between Richard’s left brain 'get it done' approach and Darren’s 'more funky' approach we have an excellent whole brain!

Not being the sportiest of the bunch, Darren can bring a ‘naiveness’ to the team's approach to helping serious sportspeople get through the wall and help the team to see opportunities that those with a huge understanding of sport many not have seen. His sports are more 'genteel' than the other members of the team and revolve around badminton, swimming, and playing football, normally with his son Jack.

After recently exhibiting at Sportex he can really admire the investment in time, dedication, and attitude it takes to achieve a competitive bodybuilding body. Watch this space as Darren gets absolutely hooked on a sport – which one is anyone's guess!

Richard Booth

Richard Booth is proud to be the other joint business owner of booost oxygen. He’d like to say he’s the creative brains behind booost….well that’s what he’d like to say!

Richard loves sport. Any sport (well apart from cricket, he just doesn’t get cricket). He particularly loves snowboarding & skiing (favourites resorts; Ischgl and St Anton in Austria), golf (was playing off 15 but due to the fact that he can hit the ball a country mile in any direction, normally the wrong one, he’s gone up to 18 now!) football (he may be an old geezer but he can still get around the pitch) and squash / racketball which he plays about 4 times a week. Richard has completed the London Marathon twice with a best time of 3 hours 36 minutes and competed in a few triathlons.

Richard's "wall" is beating his friend Clive at racketball. This normally involves a small wager which means Clive tries extra hard to beat Richard, but Richard normally takes the money in the 5th by using his booost oxygen to give him that extra bit of energy needed.

 Mike CJ

Mike Cliffe-Jones joined the booost team to take on the marketing of the brand. He makes plenty of noise on social media and in the press.

Mike is a triathlete who competes several times a year in events up to half Ironman distance, and he has an age group win in the Ocean Lava Olympic distance triathlon to his credit. He also enters pretty much any kind of race he can find, from mountain bike treks, to "extreme" trail running events, and incorporating plenty of ocean swim races. He's also a keen scuba diver.

Mike's "wall" is recovery, and when he's really feeling the pain, he loves the way booost instantly eases it.



Tom Hannah joined the booost team as an analyst and insight manager. His job revolves mostly around telling the rest of the team what has worked and what hasn’t.

Tom has been playing squash from the age of 10 and has represented teams at the club, county and regional level. Tom loves competing, winning (occasionally) and pushing his body as far as it can go, and in that sense squash is a match made in heaven.

Tom’s wall begins with feeling dizzy and seeing stars, and once the stomach cramps kick in that’s usually game over. Using booost has helped give him the confidence to know he will be able to keep on running up and down that court no matter how hard he’s being pushed, it then becomes a matter of technique and unfortunately for Tom there’s not a sports supplement that can help him with that!

 Mike booost

Some say Mike booost worked with Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olympics, that he was there when Roger Bannister ran the four minute mile and that he showed Usain the bolt', but most say that he is the uncrowned King of Sports Supplements.

All we know is that he knows everything there is about sport! And we hope he stays on our side! 

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